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Writer's Block: Multilingual

How many languages do you speak?

Hmmm, depends on your definition.  I can muddle my way through Spanish if it is written.  I can get the jist of a spoken Spanish conversation, mostly, but don't "speak" it very well.  I can't remember enough words to hold a conversation.

Does Ebonics and Southern count as language?

What about pidgin English?  I've gotten quite adapt at deciphering badly spoken English from dealing with so many international students who butcher the language through miss use of words and bad pronunciation and rhythm.

I've got a good head for accents and can copy them pretty well when trying to learn new words, especially Chinese for some strange reason.  That really surprises me.  I don'tt even try learning Vietnames words.  That language sounds like they are swollowing their tongues.

Writer's Block: Half a Glass

Do you consider yourself an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist?
I try to be optimistic and create a more upbeat reality around me.  The happier I am, the happier life is around me.  The more pessimistic I am, the more negativity is around me.

This is a change in thinking that I have been putting a lot of energy into and it is having a lot of good results. 

To me, a realist is someone who only accepts what life brings them and doesn't dream big dreams, sort of caught in a hum-drum world.  I prefer to dream big dreams and expect them to happen.