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Got Ariel in with a doctor we used to see in the past.  She gave her a shot of toradal and 5 days worth of prednisone to help shrink the swelling in the brain.  She didn't want to prescribe her a migraine medicine because we have an appointment with the neurologist on Friday and the GP didn't know what the neurologist might want to do.  I did find out the the neurologist is a headache specialist, so that's really good news.  I was just going off of a referrel because our old neuro retired.

In sadder news, I put Polgara (P) to sleep yesterday.  She was an old kitty.  P had bone cancer in her jaw.  She started having trouble eating and grooming.  She'd started loosing weight.  It was time.  She was always a little thing, never weighing more than 5.5 pounds.  I got her when she was 5 weeks old, way to young to be seperated from her mother.  The lady lied about how old she was.  She used to hide in my hair all the time and sleep there if she could, until we got The Dog, lol.  It was hard to get her to sleep in the bedroom after that.  She didn't want to sleep where The Dog was.

She definately had cattitude and was a cat only a mother could love.  She didn't like anyone except me until she got old, then she just used people for their warmth.  P was onery until the end.  I loved her very much.  She'll be missed.  We buried her in the back yard next to the garden.  I wanted to bury her next to her old buddy Sammy, but we planted an orange tree there.

Ariel's parting words, said with much love were, "Well, she was a cranky bitch" :)

Gustav Pics - cut for length

I took a lot of Gustav Pics.  I wanted to get some of the neighborhood, but it kept raining and I didn't want to get my camera wet.  By the time it stopped raining, I was concerned with way too many other things - like getting by.

I am glad that I lived large portions of my life without electricity while growing up.  Those experices make it easier to cope with situations like this, but all in all, it is still overwhelming.  I am just very greatful that the heat did not get into the 90s.

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I was hiding under the eaves trying to get pictures of the rain and wind.  That didn't show up, but I got 2 nice pictures of the front entry way.

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We had minor damage to the back screen door, the gate, and the gutter.  On the other hand, we had some not so minor tree problems in the backyard: the nice pecan tree fell over, the elm split in half, both of of these going into another pecan tree and a large oak causing broken limbs all around and branches on the power lines.  Thankfully, none fell on the house.

John cuts trees all the time for work, but it was completely different watching him do it.  Our back yard was nothing compared to the messes he's been clearing at work from the hurricane.  The day after the storm, he was out in the wind and rain cutting trees and clearing the schools.  He's still doing it 18 days later. 

I don't feel like I was able to capture the overwhelming nature of all of this.

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Moccasippi Blues

During the summer we got a puppy, a little 7 week old black lab/german shepherd mix.  She is the cutest thing.  We named her Moccasippi because we got her at a coffee shop.  Her whole name is Moccasippi Delta Blue.  We call her 'Sippi or 'Sip-sip because if you are not careful she will sippi your drink, especially coffee. :) She looks just like a black lab and is 6 months old with lots of growing still to do.  I think she has a whole 2 brain cells which occasionally collide together.

It has been an experience, her growing from a little 5 pound tiny black thing scared of the dark to a 45 pound beast that takes over the bed at night.  Our biggest problem now is her chewing. If only we could keep her from chewing things up when she gets bored.  She has tons of rawhide bones, but household items are apparently much more interesting.  

She hadn't chewed anything up in a while so I didn't crate her when I went to work yesterday.  I came home to find she had gotten into the laundry room and the cat food.  The cat was most upset.  When I went to the bed room, she had a pile of dirty clothes, raw hide chews, a mass of tiny rubber bands, and bits of some sort of fur arranged in a nest on our bed. I was most upset. I have no idea where the rubber bands came from, though I vaguely remember buying them a long time ago and I couldn't figure out where the fur was from.  Then I remembered that one of my deer skin slippers had been on the bed. She had pulled part of the inside sole out and chewed it up.

She got put into her crate this morning.