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Here are my diet and exercise results for the past 7 weeks.

My eating is back under control.  I eat about 3 servings of fruit a day which takes care of the junk food craving for the most part.  Keeping grapes sitting out has been the best thing I could have done.  I graze on them pretty regular.  I haven't craved chocolate or pastries until last night when I wasn't feeling good.

I haven't lost that much weight.  I lost 3, gained 3, lost 3, gained 4, 0, then this morning, it was lost 5.  WOOT! (Yes, I know that doesn't equal 7, but you get the picture.)

My measurements are where the big changes are.  I need to see concrete results, not "I think my clothes are fitting better."  Show me the numbers!

This is what I lost:

Chest   - 3/4" I figure that is mostly through the back because the boobage still seems the same.
Upper Arm - 1"
Lower Arm - 1 1/2" averaged

Yay for push ups and free weights.

Waist - 4 1/2"
Obliques - 2 1/2"
Hip - 2 3/4"

Yay for belly dancing and daily core strengthening, seated shimmies, and stomach roles to facilitate better belly dancing (it's amazing what you can do at your desk during work hours).

Quads - 1/2" average
Calf - 1"

Yay hated exercise bike that I get on 3 times a week. (I'm sure the dancing is helping there too.)

All in all, WOOT!! go me!!!

(I'm fairly certain this big loss isn't going to happen again.  It was me getting the crap out of my body and my muscles back on line.)

What do you eat?

I have a bad habit of eating/grazing while I write.  It started in college and has followed me.
Unfortunately, I usually graze on dark chocolate or pretzels, not the best things.

What do you guys graze on when you write, if anything?  I'm looking for something healthier.
May Pole


I am finally well enough to start exercising again.  I'm so excited, seriously. 

I've gained 8 lbs since the middle of Sept when I got sick.  I feel gross due to lack of exercise and poor diet.  I've gotten back on a lot of sugar because I was eating anything my body could burn for energy to keep going.  I guess 8 lbs over 3 months isn't that bad (The 8 lbs is bad, the length of time it took to gain it doesn't seem that horrendous), but its got to go.

The hard part is going to be disciplining myself to stay up and workout at 5:30am after hubby leaves for work and not going back to bed.  The bed part has been rather nice.  This last two weeks I started doing isolations to wake up my dancing muscles.  Hope I don't fall over my feet in class Wednesday.

We have fallen off our cooking routine as well and gotten back to high fat, high carb meals.  Back to meal planning.  Bye-bye butter and cheese.