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Change Storm

This is the beginning I cut from the story Change Storm.  It's only a couple of paragraphs and occurs in the world that I've created and have been posting about.

Change Storms are storms of raw magic and occur frequently in the Nef lands.

Clinging green fog rolled through the city streets.  Low-lying, it blended with the dirt and grime of the road.  A tall, well-dressed man pulled a foot back, gasped, and flung his arm across the door barring another from stepping out.  They backed a pace as the fog licked over the lintel careful not to let it touch them.

“How far does it go,” asked the second. 

The first man carefully peered around the edge of the door squinting left then right.  “I can’t tell.  It’s moving in from the west.” Distant thunder rumbled.  “Change storm.  A big one, look.  It’s moving in fast.”  He blinked his eyes and caught back long white hair the wind was tying in knots.   

To the west, lightning ripped across the sky illuminating a massive storm front. Within it, flashes like distant echoes sent jagged bolts of color crashing into the ground filling the night with an acrid smell. 

A steady rumble vibrated up through their feet. “Get everybody to the safe room.  We don’t have much time before it hits,” said the first.  A wailing siren split the night.  Lights flickered to life in the surrounding homes as panicked people found what shelter they could.

WWAT Community

[info]wwathon  is live! Whether or not you're currently doing Anti-Nano, you're welcome to sign on for the Winter-Write-a-Thon and write through to January 31st 2011. The principles of Anti-Nano continue: set your own goal, check-in Mondays and Fridays, excerpts on Wednesdays (if that pattern continues to suit everyone?)

Winter Write-a-Thon or WWAT

Signal Boost from naomi_jay 

It has been brought to my attention that Anti-Nano is going well, and that some of you are enjoying it. Me too! I'm loving reading everyone's excerpts, and seeing everyone's progress, not to mention the warm glow of satisfaction I get from running a cult. So, shall we keep it going?

[info]out_totheblack has suggested we run Anti-Nano past the end of November and turn it into a Winter-Write-A-Thon (or WWAT, which seems appropriate). I am totally up for this - I'm getting loads of work done this month and would love to keep that momentum going, and nothing motivates me as much as other writers getting stuff done too. So how about it? I suggest we keep going until either the end of December or the end of January. I know December gets to be busy what with holidays and Christmas and families and all that pesky stuff, so having January there to pick up the pace again suits me.

Let me know what you all think - and if you're not Anti-Nano-ing but you are jealous of how awesome we all are, feel free to join the WWAT!

Update and Stuff

Didn't add anything new this weekend, just edited a bit.  I wound up not cutting as much as I thought I was going to.  Looks like I only lost about 500 words, not too bad.

We spent Sunday at the archery range.  Hubby was sighting in his bow for hunting and I was teaching Matthew (age 7) to shoot.  Playing about with Matthew's bow really made me want to start shooting again.  I was hitting the bulls eye about half of my shots.  Pretty good for not shooting since high school which was much longer ago than I like to remember. ;)

Back on more meds.  The fungal infection in my sinuses is still hanging on.  The magic mushrooms in my nose are still playing merry havoc with my head.

I have updated the slider bar with my new projected word count.  I'm not feeling near as accomplished as when the projected word count was 20,000.  But, hey.  I guess 5,000 words a week isn't too bad.

7,206 / 50,000

Anti-Nano Wordage Update

I'm getting out about 1k a day on Red Moon.  I wish it were more.  I wish I could write faster. Unfortunately, I'll soon be cutting about 1k out.  I guess that makes net zero on the day that I cut :(

I'm up to 7,733 words.  Wow, that is a very interesting number.

I finally finished the scene I wanted to be done with on Wednesday, so I guess I can post it next Wednesday.  Yay!

This story was supposed to be short, only 20,000 words.  I wanted it easy to go over and learn from.  I'm up to almost half that number and I'm not even done with the first part of Act I.  LOL, I guess the story had other ideas of what length it needed to be.  What happened to my short simple story of: Boy gets cursed.  Boy runs for life.  Boy validates himself.  NOOOO, it's got to be more than that ;)

So my new estimation on word count is probably going to be 60,000, but I'm going to call it 50,000.

Here is my nice almost done word count meter.  The next time I post, it won't look so full.
Life is good.

7,733 / 20,000

Anti-Nano Snippet - Asaro's Story

For those of you coming in late, Anti-Nano isn't against NaNo. It's for those of us that want to participate, but know we can't make the 50,000.  I hadn't realized there were a lot of folks diss'n NaNoWriMo until recently.  I personally think NaNo is a wonderful thing.

So far, I've been averaging about 1000 words a day.  I wanted to post something of what I'm working on, but right now nothing is fit for public consumption.  I was really hoping a particular scene would be finished, but my eyes gave out before I could complete it.  Maybe next week you can read it.

What I'm posting is from another story in the same world.  I had this really wild idea for a short series - four books set in this world.  Red Moon is Ben's story.  White Moon would be Rendy's story and bring in Asaro (part of the snippet).  Blue Moon would be Tularian and the Nef (this is mostly written and would bring the other characters together) and Black Moon would tie it all together when all the peoples of this world need to unite to fend off the Big Bads that are coming back.

Sort of ambitious.  Right now, I'm just focusing on finishing Red Moon.

That being said, here is my snippet. 

Only one moon was up tonight.  Rella, full and blue, like a sun in the dark sky.  Sidle flung opened the large wooden trunk at the end of his bed and started throwing heavy clothing out.  Jaek dropped the blanket and unlaced the fur coat he had never taken off.  He took off his clothes and started to redress from the mess on the floor.  Sidle handed him a role of cotton batting to wrap around his joints. 

Jaek shook his head, “That will bind too much, I need to be able to move fast.  He pulling on silk underclothes to wick away moisture and provide the first layer of insulation.  Over that went thick woolen, long-sleeved shirt and pants.  A loose over-shirt of fine leather lined with fur and pants of the same went next.  He put on silk socks then two sets of woolen and  stamped his feet into knee-high, fur-lined boots.  For all of the bulkiness of the layers, the looseness and suppleness of the materials didn’t restrict movement too much. 

Sidle handed him heavy gloves lined with fur.

Jaek shook his head again. “I can’t use my bow with those.”

“You can’t go without either, you’ll get frost bite.”

Jaek hesitated, “Give me the silk liners and a pair of riding gloves.  That will have to be enough.”

“Let’s hope so or it will be very hard to shoot minus your fingers. 

Jaek pulled a large hunting knife out of its sheath and tested the edge.  He looked grim as he re-sheathed the blade and strapped it around his waist, then refilled his quiver. 

Sidle put his had on Jaek’s arm.  “What will you do if you find her?”

Jaek hesitated, “I don’t know.  I don’t know how I feel about all this . . . finding out she’s not human.  I feel like it’s my fault, that if I had gotten there faster, everything would still be the same, she would still be our Ro.”

            “She still is our Ro, Jaek.”           
            "No.  Sidle.  She's not.  She's Nef and that changes everything."

I apologize. This is still pretty rough.

(no subject)

Damn.  My shortish story just got longer.  Unfortunately, I figured out that the stopping point for my story might not be the stopping point and my midpoint reversal might not be that either, but my only other option for a midpoint reversal, as I understand it, is too far along in the story to be such. So, I'm not sure what to do with that. 

I corrilated everything on my story board with what I've been writing for the last two day.  The storyboard really helped me "see" everything.  My midpoint reversal should be right, but everything sort of shifted over to the left.  Most of Act III is really ACT II, Part II. 

I know all this structure stuff is supposed to be guidelines, so I'm not getting too stressed out about it, but I would like to understand how it all fits together and be able to pick out the different elements.

Today, I roughed out two more chapters, almost another 2000 words.  I know that doesn't sound like a lot for a chapter, but this was supposed to be short, only about 20,000 words.  My expectation was that when I went back and fluff up the chapters and convert them from Mandanese into Book, each chapter would at least double in size, if not more.  I had originally planned on 10 chapters at about 2000 words each.  Now I'm not real sure how it is going to wind up.

Eh.  I'm having fun.

Does anyone else use the 3 Act Story Structure?  I've been trying to follow what Alexandra Sokoloff has on her blog.

Done for the night

Well, I'm done for the night.  I've roughed out 2 chapters and jotted down some stuff toward the end for a grand total of a little over 2000 words this evening.

I'm doing something else really different on this rough draft.  I'm writing it in 21st century vernacular complete with all my slangy goodness, "Ren headed back to the booth for some good good with a girl."  "OMG! Could her brother have actually done that?"

  It is making it really easy to get the gist and feel of the story down without getting bogged down in writing it the way it will be when it's finished.  After I have everything down, I'll go back and write it in "book."

Do any of you guys do that or do you write things down closer to the way it will read when complete?  This is my first time trying this.

Gypsy Camp?

Is a gypsy camp too cliche?  You have a fantasy story, therefore you have a gypsy camp. 

What else do you call a band of wandering folk that dance, sing, have light fingers, and maybe a penchant for a little glimpse of the future? I could call them travel'n folk, travelers, but that's a whole different ball of wax.