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Whew! Taking a brake for a bit. Might go walk around my building. I'm trucking right along on my NaNo word count. I am shooting for 2k a day. Some days I make it, some I don't. Yesterday, I only clocked in 300. So far today, I've written 1k. I plan on getting the other 1k written before the night is over. My goal is to hit 25k by the end of the weekend.

I'm starting to get a little scared though. I'm a little more than 1/3 into the word count and I haven't gotten to what I would consider the middle of the book. I'd like this story to be finished at 50k or there abouts, but it might not be. Oh, well.


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Wow.  You ever write that one sentence that's supposed to lead into the next paragraph and realize that one sentence is the perfect ending for the chapter?

50000 of smut

My brain hurts

Hello...My name is Amanda and I'm a pantser, erm...an outliner,..um, pantser...outliner,,,pat..out......p..0..p

Yes, that is my brain going pop.

I can get terribly off track and lost pantsing (my natural inclination), so I decided to try outlining. I've outlined somethings, but not gotten to actually write them until now - for NaNo. I had my current WIP halfway outlined from last year.  I re-outlined this year and actually figured out the last 1/3rd and the ending of the book.  I set to writing on that part when NaNo started. This weekend I decided to go back to the beginning and fill in some pieces only to have the pantsing not match the outlining. 

Blargh...it's really making my brain hurt.  I also figured the story line a bit different in my October outlining than in the outlining I did last year.  They are both good so I'm stuck on which way to go. I'm not attached to either.  I know I can't waste to much time figuring this out because I only have 24 days left at this point.

I guess the answer is to just sit down and start writing...whatever....sort of pantsing, but I have this outline,...pa...ou...pop...

That's it!  Everyone just has really bad sex scenes....50,000 worth.

Friday Five

I think my biggest one is YAY IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!  I have great plans tomorrow to rack up some serious wordage unless that is I sneak off to the woods with my husband.

1. So far, most of my friends have gotten the plague, but I've manage to avoid it.
2. Trucking right along on NaNo. Lots of motivation. Woot!
3.The weather is turning fall-ish

4. Went to a great birthday party for my friend Bambi.  It was the birthday of silly hats. 
5. I'm alive and well and my family is health.

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Le Sigh

To bad this isn't true:

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Thanks for your patience.
Boernar Hunter
Programme Manager
United Nations Human Settlements Programme

The Second Day of NaNo

So, it's the second day of NaNo. I've had to reallocate some of my limited amount of free time. I've scheduled two days during the week to go to a coffee shop and write for an hour and a half before dance class. To achieve this free time, I've canceled one dance class (I now dance only once on Wednesday instead of twice, sacrifices must be made) and gave up a nap on Thursday (some sacrifices are harder).