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Fools of April Check In

Good Morning all you beautiful people.  I hope you had a good weekend.

I can't believe April is almost over!  Where did it go?  I'm sure it should only be the 4th or 5th.  April has been a busy month. Here's hoping that May is calmer.

I have set some writing goals for the week and I now have a slave driver...I mean, an accountability partner *cough cough, Tracy* to keep me on track.  I set myself some small goals to get into the groove of things.
1) I want to finish the fight scene between Tularian and his cousin.
2) After that I want to working on tying in a previous section
3) I want to start working on my new idea for the Escape Artist EscapePod flash contest.

Hmmm, that is kind of looking like a lot when I write it down.  We'll see how it goes.

Do you guys have an goals for the week?  How has April been for you?

I <3 Dropbox!

I have a New Best Thing.  It's dropbox! 

Dropbox is online storage for files, photos, music, and video.  I've been toting around a flash drive containing all my novel files and information because I work off of too many different computers.  I am constantly worried about it breaking or accidentally deleting something (like I did with a chapter in March *grrrr*) or loosing it or forgetting it at work or . . .

Dropbox takes care of all of that.  You can work directly off of their servers (once you put your files there) or install dropbox on all of the computers you work on.  Your files are automatically updated.  A 30 day record is kept of all your changes and deletions in case you need to go back or you screwed up something.  Like say, you accidentally deleted a chapter because the touch pad on your netbook is too sensitive *grrr*.

There is also a sharing feature, both public and private.  Folks invited to private sharing can work on the shared files.  Everyone with rights to that shared folder are able to see what changes have been made.  This is great for group projects or criticing.

I've already loaded up my current data that I'm scared of loosing.  I've been able to work off of the internet and not use my flash drive.  You get 2g of free space and an extra 250mg for everyone you get to sign up.

Here is the link.  Go check it out for yourself.

Snoopy Dance


Yay!  I've completed something!  I just finished writing a piece of flash.  I feel accomplished.  Now I need to let it sit and proof it, then bounce it off of someone.

I've been so overwhelmed with the size and scope of my WIP; it doesn't feel like I'm ever going to finish.  I really needed to be able to complete something before I could start on it again.

Fools of April Check In

Good Morning Everyone,

It is the beginning of a new week.  Let's surpass our writing goals of last week.  We can do it!  I know we can.  I picked up great momentum last month in March Madness and I'm determined to continue it!  The Little Engine That Could keeps rolling around in my head :)

Don't forget our other check in days:

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Weekends - http://sharigreen.livejournal.com/ or

Does anyone have particular goals for this week?  I'd like to get this chapter I'm working on completed.

PodCastle and Escape Artists Flash Fiction Contests (Yes! Contests, Plural!)

Spred the word.  The more, the merrier.

PodCastle and Escape Artists Flash Fiction Contests (Yes! Contests, Plural!)

If you want to vote and comment you have to join the forum. I am entering a piece in PodCastle.  I can't tell you the title, it's against the rules, but sign up and join the fun. 

Here are the General Rules from their site. 

  • Stories will be posted anonymously, with the identity of the author revealed only after a story is knocked out or wins the competition. Any real attempt to identify authors prior to the story losing or winning shall be deleted. While we cannot stop authors from trying to rally support from third party sites (blogs, livejournal, twitter, etc.), we discourage it and ask that they just point to the contest in general. We reserve the right to take action against stories where support is clearly being rallied. This contest is to be won on the merits of the relative stories, not on the fact that Tim Pratt wrote it.
  • Each podcast-specific contest will be run by the editors and moderators of said podcast, along with any others that they dutifully and publicly appoint as deputies. Those involved in the running of a contest shall not submit to that contest, but may submit to contests being run by others. Should one of their stories be part of a tie, they will automatically lose.
  • We encourage constructive discussion about the stories posted in this contest — it's good for the community, and helpful to the authors, especially new ones.
  • Normal forum rules remain in place.  Please keep your commentary honest but constructive.  "I didn't like this story at all; the characters were flat and nothing really happened" is a fair comment.  "This story was a piece of crap; I had to fumigate my computer to get the stink out" is just a flame and will be deleted.  Don't be insulting, and please attempt to explain why you liked or didn't like a story. If you can't, it may be better to not comment at all.
  • Creating multiple accounts to vote for a story will get you banned from the forums.

Fools of April Check In

Good Morning all you April writers.  How was your weekend?  Did you meet your goals?

I didn't quite meet mine, but I did get some writing done.  I was shooting for a minimum of 800 words a day.  I think I accomplished 800 total.  Not much, but still something. 

We went to a party Saturday night, but before we left the house, I snuck my netbook in my purse to bring along in case I got bored (Is that dedication or what?).  An old friend was there that I hadn't seen in a while.  And, since we both write, we wound up shutting ourselves in a room and talking writing :)

I showed her what I was working on; she told me something about what she had started and the trouble she was having.  It occurred to me then, that we had the beginnings of a little wring group between the two of us.  This is a college town in a fairly large city. You would think there would be writing groups here, but there is nothing.

My fingers are crossed that I can convince her to get together once a week or so. The biggest problem I can see to us getting together is the time factor: she is a PhD candidate in literature, and therefore, does not have a lot of free time :(

Let's hear it for writing!  What did you guys accomplish this weekend?  Just out of curiosity, how many of you participate in writing groups of some sort?

50000 of smut

Fools of April

If you want to play along, and March Madness was fun, go for your first check in and post your goals for April on her LJ.  Friday check in is at Denise's LJ (see below).

 My LJ will be the check in for Tuesday and I think someone else is hosting for another day as well.  When I know that day and link, I will post it. 

My goal is to write 800 - 1000 words a day. My adventurous goal is 30,000 words for April. Which means I better get busy for today. I DID write 800 yesterday, April 1.

Copied from Denise Jaden's LJ (cuz I r lazy n haz worked in yard all day an moved much dirt!)

Welcome to the continuation of March Madness Writing Challenge!

This is your first check-in.

Amanda at
http://out-totheblack.livejournal.com/ has offered her blog as a check-in on Tuesdays, to keep the momentum going. And of course don't forget to keep in touch on Twitter at #yafrenzy.

As for me, I'm spending the next few days reading through my March work, reorganizing the chapter breaks and such, as well as tabulating the names for the March Madness prizes.

What about you? Who's signing on to be a Fool of April, and what is your goal for this month?

Writus Interuptus

Well, blast!  Slow day at work before the break.  I've finally gotten enough background written to plow forward with my WIP and my office mate/supervisor shows up.

I've been busily writing all morning and I'm on a good role.  Looks like I'll actually have to do "work,"now.

TANJ (There Ain't No Justice)

Holy Crapoli, Batman...

And not in a good way.

bogwitch64 's posting of her word count, got me curious on what my total was for March.  I've been playing around with the March Madness folks and getting a lot of work done.

Somehow, I've deleted the second chapter that I started of my new beginning. A couple of day ago, I thought I had lost the first chapter, but I found it.  The other day, I started working on the netbook again and noticed a large amount deleted in the track changes side bar.  I'd been revising and thought it was that and blew it off without really looking at it.  OMG.  And because I was worried about loosing stuff, I made a backup...after, apparently, I deleted the chapter.  OMG.

Okay, try not to panic, try not to panic.
I was going to revise it anyway...
There were things I wanted to change in the second after I started the first...
It's not a total loss...


I really wanted concrete stuff to show for this month. 

I did A LOT of research that needed to be done after I realized that I needed to start in another place.
I wrote a whole backstory that could actually be a short story with some work.

I can start The New Chaper Two off better, right...OMG.

I can't belive I did that.  If you only new how careful I am about back-ups because I've learned the hard way.  I can't belive I did that.

It's that blasted touch pad on the netbook that is so darn sensitive.  I've had trouble with it before.  I don't have problems with it when I use a mouse.