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Gustav Pics - cut for length

I took a lot of Gustav Pics.  I wanted to get some of the neighborhood, but it kept raining and I didn't want to get my camera wet.  By the time it stopped raining, I was concerned with way too many other things - like getting by.

I am glad that I lived large portions of my life without electricity while growing up.  Those experices make it easier to cope with situations like this, but all in all, it is still overwhelming.  I am just very greatful that the heat did not get into the 90s.

Chuck decided that when there is a hurricane, one must fly a kite, so he set about building one.  He did attempt to go fly it, right during the worst of the hurricane.  I made him come back inside because I was worried he would get impaled by something.

Ariel says, there's always time for icecream.

After we lost power, Matthew found creative places to sleep and play.
Like inside his Thomas the Train tent with his bass fish pillow


And inbetween the air mattress and couch...Help, it's eating me!! 
Notice the window unit.  I made a special trip to another city to by that so we could try to sleep a bit comfortably.  We all crashed in the living room, but even with the room shut off, the heat was still pretty bad. 

Chuck setting up for a poker game.  The light is run off of a generator.


I was hiding under the eaves trying to get pictures of the rain and wind.  That didn't show up, but I got 2 nice pictures of the front entry way.


We had minor damage to the back screen door, the gate, and the gutter.  On the other hand, we had some not so minor tree problems in the backyard: the nice pecan tree fell over, the elm split in half, both of of these going into another pecan tree and a large oak causing broken limbs all around and branches on the power lines.  Thankfully, none fell on the house.

John cuts trees all the time for work, but it was completely different watching him do it.  Our back yard was nothing compared to the messes he's been clearing at work from the hurricane.  The day after the storm, he was out in the wind and rain cutting trees and clearing the schools.  He's still doing it 18 days later. 

I don't feel like I was able to capture the overwhelming nature of all of this.




Clearing the mess

Hubby and father-in-law



A cool picture of chainsaw dust spitting

Kate calling her mom in Kentucky to share her first hurricane experience

Matthew helps move the logs split for firewood


Cooking cajun style on a propane crawfish burner (see other Gustav post about cajun cooking  http://out-totheblack.livejournal.com/95607.html)

In the garage (yes it is open on a side and well ventalated) because of rain

Coffee - it's always good to have an old drip pot around.    


Bull - unconcerned with the storm

'Sippi - I have no brain cells


Look Ma! No gate!

What's for breakfast?

Resting after all of the work

Polgera - You are all beneth me

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