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Righteous Indignation

I thought I was over my indignation regarding the lack of media coverage for Gustav as relates to those of us here in Louisiana.  I had a good mad worked up and was going to write a rant to send into one of the local political rags, but I had way to much work to catch up on since the university had been shut down for a week and it sort of fell by the wayside . . . the topic to become just one more shaft to Louisiana amongst all the other ones we get.

Now, in the aftermath of Ike and the attention it is getting, all my righteous indignation is coming back.  I realize how ANGRY I still am.  The newspaper yesterday and a post on another journal brought it all back.  

Ike is getting coverage, why?  Not because of anything bright or courageous or carefully planed, but because people died and Death Is News.  They sat like ducks and so had to be evacuated out in helicopters.  Ike was an enormous hurricane, over 600 miles across.  Didn't the world learn anything from Katrina?  We did: Get the F*&CK out of the way.  As General Honore' would say: Don't be stuck on stupid.

I had to make a work call to someone in Houston this morning and it just astounded me.  He started talking about Ike and I started talking about Gustav - and, guess what? HE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT.  He hadn't heard a thing.  Why? Because No One Died.

I find that I'm not comfortable posting the depth of my feelings over this on LJ.  I can't seem to be able to be that politically incorrect in public amongst folks I don't really know.  So it will have to keep for a while and go somewhere else.

Continued from elsewhere in a calmer vain . . .

. . . What is interesting is that the media did not cover the damage and loss done to Louisiana from Gustav because we did what needed to be done and got everyone out.  So, no news here, just a local government acting effectively.  Quite opposite of the fiasco of Gov. Blankstare and Mayor Knotthead during Katrina.
Many in Baton Rouge are still without power and many business are still closed, two weeks later. Gas and food are still hard to find. Fallen trees still line the streets, and you never know whether or not, when going through an area you haven't been in since the hurricane, if the streets will even be driveable.
But, no one died, just the biggest crop loss ever, even worse then Katrina; the second largest power outage in the history of Energy surpassed only by Katrina; and the largest hospital evacuation in the history of the united states.
Grand Isle is still bulldozing sand out of the streets and yards and now they have to start all over again because of Ike. Parts of Houma and Theriot are gone.  The lower parishes are wrecked, just like in Katrina, but because no one died, or were idiots and didn't get out, we are forgotten...not even reported.
You don't know how many people I talked to out of state that told me they hadn't heared anything on the news after Gustav about Baton Rouge and boy weren't we lucky to get off so lightly   That just left me speechless . . .

The curfew order was lifted a couple of days ago.  Folks can go out at night now.

Yeah, I guess we are lucky.  We have a local government that doesn't have their heads up their asses.
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