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Well, I finally broke 10,000 words yesterday. 10,275 to be exact. I figure at this rate, I have to write 2000 words a day to finish by the 30th.

Thanks to leighcourtesan for convincing me to stay at the NaNo write-in yesterday. I don't think I would have gotten that much done without that. I just don't do crowded and I can't sit that close to folks I don't know and work. It bothers me too much. Yes, I know, my Monk is showing.

I'm going to make a post sometime soon on the latest written instalment, but I need to fluff it out some more. Things just seem too abrupt. I told hubby I was going to work on that section some more and he's all like: this isn't supposed to be a finished product right now. You just need to keep on writing and get the story written down. You can go back and fix it later.

He's right, and I'm not going to fix it for perfection, I just REALLY need to make it flow better. Just like some things REALLY need to be in straight lines. Damn, OCD.

I'm really pleased with what got written yesterday. The characters and story are really starting to take on a life of their own. I have a lot of background for this world, maps made, characters made, and some short stories. It is really cool when I have that to pull on and incorporate, which is what happened yesterday. This whole short story I had written about my Asaro character got brought up and became "story" and it was just really neat to have that back story to pull from.

In the evolution of things, that particular short story was originally an Amber diary entry for one of my characters. Then I expanded on it and used it for a short story writing class in college. Then I used it as a starting point to start building a world to write in. I had gotten stuck in the rut of writing Amber fanfic and decided if I was ever going to really start writing something besides fanfic, I need to have my own world and my own story.

LOL, but I suck so bad at creating characters, the only way I could do it was to break it down in gaming terms, so I built a whole bunch of BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth) characters and set up a PBEM (Play by Email) game based loosely on the BESM and Amber systems to create ideas for the world and get some player interaction. As I said in my opening post to them: Stories generated will be shameless re-used in other writing endeavors.

So let it be written, so let it be done.
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