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Up waaaayyyy to early

Don't know if I'm keeping this bit when I get to editing, but it's making me happy this morning:

Ben waited for the anger and rage, but it didn’t come.  Why when he needed the stupid curse did it decided to go away? A spark of hope bloomed, maybe he really wasn’t moon struck. He could go home and everything would be okay.  He could have a life, get married, have children, be a father. 

“Wha chu smilen’ at boy?” it was the stinky one. “I wouldn’ be smilen’ if I was in your shoes.”

Ben thought about saying I’m smiling because I don’t feel like ripping your head off, but all things considered, it didn’t really seem like the time. He got a look at the men.  These were not the merchant’s guards that he’d seen in the city. These were rougher, more capable, killer type looking men. He stopped smiling.

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