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How was everyone's weekend?

I did pretty good in the house cleaning and writing departments. I DID NOT get sidetracked (procrastinate) by baking bread
Didn't quiet reach my goal, though, but it was a bit adventurous. I think I got about 3 or 4k written since Friday.

I stand at 21,597 for NaNo. My goal had been to reach 25,000 by Sunday night. Hopefully, it will be pretty dead at work today and I can crank out another 2k. My target is to finish the bloody book whatever the word count winds up being, which at this point, is looking past 50,000. I'm just afraid once November is over, my drive will peter out like has happened in the past.

I'm really liking how this story is turning out. The easy part is over, I think. The first part of the book had always been clear in my head. The second part, not so much. Sort of nebulous general ideas. Now, I head into the bog.

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