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The Difference in Roommates

I was reading John Scalzi's Big Idea, a great place to find really good books to read. This one author, Sophie Littlefield, was saying that "It is a renaissance time for zombie-related literature," so much so, she had to think of something unique for her zombie book AFTERTIME.

While talking about zombies that have gone before, Sophie brought up the movie Zombie Strippers. I've been dying to see this movie. It just seems like the penultimate in cheese. She said the zombie strippers attempt to kill one another by shooting Ping-Pong balls out of their privates.


Roomies thought was, "Yuck, that unsanitary. Do they know where those ping-pong balls have been? Gross. How can anyone find that interesting?"

My thought was, "I wonder how hard you have to shoot ping-pong balls out of your hoo-haa to kill someone. That's kind of cool," and wondering how I could test it or at least give it a good shot (no pun intended).


Anyway, you should check out the book. It looks pretty good. I'm fixing to buy it.
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