out_totheblack (out_totheblack) wrote,

Wednesday Snippet

At the Hands of the Bandit Chief

Noe spat blood on the ground and said in utter revulsion, “Nef.”  He strained against the ropes that kept him tide to the cross and looked as if he would bite his way through.

Karik smirked at him through eyes gone black.  An evil chuckle spread around the circle of dark men.  Belts and weapons shifted.  He lifted his knife and cut a line down Noe’s arm pealing the skin away.  “The thing about humans, is you’re never sure what is under the skin.”  He poked the raw muscle with the knife point.  “That is why I always like to peel them and find out.  Sometimes you find something unexpected.”  Karik slowly cut down the other arm.  “Sometimes, you just find a human.”

Tags: red moon, splintered kingdoms, wwat

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