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Wednesday WWAT Snippet

Here is a very rough snippet.  I'm still in the process of writing this scene.    

     A girl’s voice, angry and loud, came to them out of the dark.  “That’s Claire,” said Ben.  A man yelled back at her. They set off at a run roughly in the direction of Reia’s house; their footsteps echoing hollowly off the sleeping houses. They rounded the corner to the wheel pond in time to see Reia slap a stranger across the face.  He held his face a moment, staring at her in shocked disbelief.  Ben watched the man rear back and strike her.  She fell, pale and lifeless.

     Cold washed through Ben. Rage washed away the cold.  Red, warm and wet, clouded his mind and vision.  Rendy roared and charged running faster than Ben had ever seen him move.  He got there just as Rendy punched the stranger in the face.  All three of them went down in a pile of twisted arms and legs.  After some scuffling and muffled curses they stilled.  Rendy stood up.  Ben was down on the ground with the man’s head trapped in the crook of his arm and his legs wrapped around the man’s waist.

     “Let me go you fool,” he gasped.  “I’ve done nothing wrong.  It’s all a misunderstanding . . . I can’t breathe,” the man croaked out.

     “You hurt Reia, that’s pretty wrong to me,” grunted Ben, past the red cloud in his mind.

     The man started turning a dark color.  “Ben, stop.  You’ll kill him,” said Rendy.  “Ben,” Rendy shook his arm gently. 

     Out the corner of his eye, Ben saw Claire help Reia to her feet.  He released the man, reluctantly.  He didn’t want to let him go.  He wanted him to hurt.  The man scrambled to his feet and moved away from them, close to the water’s edge.  The big, water wheel groaned and creaked behind him, turning slowly, most of the flow diverted elsewhere for the night. 

     “What happened,” he asked, looking at Claire and Reia. 

     Claire looked at him, eyes big, and took a small step back.  “He wished us merry Revel and wanted to talk, so we stopped.  He says he's from Pria, part of that merchant party we saw.  At first he was nice - he offered Reia a spring wreath,” she glanced sides ways at Reai who was sniffling softly.  “She took his wreath and his kiss.   He wanted more, but she told him no.  Then, he grabbed her arm and tried to drag her way.  That’s when I kicked him.”  Claire glared at the man.  He stopped rubbing his neck to glare back.

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