November 21st, 2011


Saturday was fun. Me and a bunch of friends when to the Ren Faire. It was Pirate Weekend.

Then, I spent Sunday being "sick as a dog on crack," as a friend from work says. My roomie had a bad stomach virus. The good news is it passed in about 24 hours.

Here are some pictures from the Ren Faire.

My student worker Nelida came. She is from Venezuela. This was all very new to her.

Looking around - what do we want to attack first?                                         Bad belly dancers

Reports came back to Baton Rouge of these gals being drunk in public. While we were there, they were drinking in their tent between shows and doing shots during the show. We are certainly not the belly dance police, but don't put yourself out there as a paid performer and give us all a bad name.

They weren't great dancers (I don't think I'm a great dancer), but we were supportive: we clapped and gave a zaghareet at all the right points (It takes guts to get up and dance). I don't fault them that. I fault them for doing it while drinking. There are enough misconceptions of belly dancers out there already. The audience might never see another one and they got to see these.

So, when at the end, they invited the audience to get up and dance with them to their drummer, we did. That's the one thing about being an improve group, all we need is a beat and a leader and we can dance to anything anywhere. We weren't rude. We stayed on the side of the benches where we had been. But, I think the audience noticed the difference.



This is Nelida, my student worker. She had a great time.   These two ladies were great. It was their first Ren Faire.

Nelida and Matthew both really liked this goat.                 Matthew shooting enemy ships with a catapult

There were hulla hoops

Pirate Headquarters - the sign said so.

A tent full of strippy socks. Bambi was very happy.           At the end of the Faire, they dance. I guess they are glad
                                                                                          everyone is leaving.