November 15th, 2011

Come and Play

Taken from her bogwitchiness's LJ. This story is ROCKIN'!
Come and put in your 2, 5 lines.

"You all ROCK! The story on Heroines of Fantasy is giving me chills, it's so good. Everyone is feeding off the same voice, the same vibe, yet twisting their own little nuances into it--and some comedy! It is killing me not to add WOOHOO comments! I can't wait to see where this goes.

By the way, you can go back as many times as you'd like to add to the story. I have made three entries so far myself! (Threewitheyesthatsee is me...I forgot to sign out after posting. D'oh!) I am definitely doing this again. You are all so freaking talented!

If you haven't added your bit yet, don't be shy. Come play with us!"

Official TRUE COLORS Blurb!

WOOT!! I can't wait!  I love this series

Official TRUE COLORS Blurb!

by Thea Harrison on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 12:46pm

Meeting your soulmate? Great. Preventing your possible murder? Even better.

Alice Clark, a Wyr and schoolteacher, has had two friends murdered in as many days, and she’s just found the body of a third. She arrives at the scene only minutes before Gideon Riehl, a wolf Wyr and current detective in the Wyr Division of Violent Crime—and, as Alice oh-so-inconveniently recognizes at first sight, her mate.

But the sudden connection Riehl and Alice feel is complicated when the murders are linked to a serial killer who last struck seven years ago, killing seven people in seven days. They have just one night before the killer strikes again. And every sign points to Alice as the next victim.

This is a new release.

Warning: This book contains a hot police detective, a violent murderer on the hunt, and a heroine that can blend in anywhere

Samhain Publishing

Book Title: True Colors

Series Name: A Story of the Elder Races

ISBN13: 978-1-60928-823-5

Length: 26,176 words

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Theme: Shapeshifters

Price: $3.50

Publication Date: 12/13/2011