December 16th, 2010

Do Democrats Hunt?

(No, this isn’t a political post.  It’s not supposed to be anyway.)


This is how the dominoes of my brain work.


Yesterday, someone on my flist made a political post and referenced Sarah Palin with a shudder.  Now, I like Sarah Palin (ducks).  I think she was an awful choice to run for vice-president, but I really like her t.v. show.  The scenery is beautiful


Yes, I know she is among the privileged rich and can traipse off to go mountain climbing or hunting or commercial fishing like there was nothing else to do in the world.  But, I like that her husband comes from a family of commercial fishermen and that they are passing down the tradition to their children.  I like that they are trying to teach their children husbandry of the land and resources.  That life isn’t just given to a person, they work for it.


I know this probably doesn’t mean the same to most of you as it means to me.  I live in an area where people hunt and fish, not only because they can but because it is part of our way of life and how we provide for our table.  Part of Alaska's population, south Louisiana’s cold sister, still participates in its own food gathering through hunting and fishing, not because they are destitute and poor or stores are not available, but because they want too and have the ability too.


Here in the south, Democrats hunt because it is part of our way of life, but in general, I know that Democrats are anti gun, hunting, and NRA.


Which made me wonder, in other areas, do democrats hunt?


Political post = Sarah Palin = Hunting = Democrats hunting = dominoes

Welcome to my mind.