December 8th, 2010

WWAT Wednesday Snippet

Jaek sat down hard in the snow, all the breath gone from his body.  

                Shapechanger.  Nef.  He stared in horror.  My sister is Nef.  That can't be right!  She can't be.  How is that possible?  It must be a trick, but the wolves accepted her as one of their own. 

Jaek shivered, unable to move, watching the last of the wolves run away.  The wind cut through his hurriedly laced outer coat.  Is she a change child?  Did the Nef come and steal away my true sister and leave something in her place like in the stories?  He blinked.  NoNef were only bed-time tales.  She is my mother's true child.  The midwife was too shocked when she was born . . . white hair, white eyes, skin paler than any newborn’s.  We thought it was our Faren blood come out strong . . . but who . . . what . . .how?  The dark deepened around him.  The cold inside his body rivaled winter itself.

It was the cold that eventually got his attention: cold head, cold hands, cold body.  Jaek stood  stiffly, brushed the snow from his pants and stamped his feet.  He settled his coat and tightened the lacings.  Dark hair blew around him, fighting the cap he pulled lower on his ears. 

The cleared area close to the fortress walls shone pale blue - moonlight reflecting off snow.  Thin trees and saplings at the edge of the forest cast many shadows, none of which moved in unusual ways.  He peered through the darkness in front of him, into the woodsAll was clear.  Collecting himself, he headed to where he had last seen Asaro.

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