November 30th, 2010

And this would be why I don't read AND write

Things have been going well with my story.  I was diligent and worked on it this morning and as a reward, when I had to take the baby-boy to the doctor's office, I took FINDER to read instead of the lap top to work on my story.

B*&9(&97n$% !!!  (shakes fist in bogwitch64 's direction)  Now I can't put it down!

Breathe, breathe, I'll give myself permission to read tonight and hit the grind stone again tomorrow.  I wish I could take the rest of the week off of work (I'm on vacation) to write.  I really like being able to write and not feel guilty about it as opposed to writing and pretending to work at, well, work.

Okay, off to read some more.