November 29th, 2010

May Pole


I am finally well enough to start exercising again.  I'm so excited, seriously. 

I've gained 8 lbs since the middle of Sept when I got sick.  I feel gross due to lack of exercise and poor diet.  I've gotten back on a lot of sugar because I was eating anything my body could burn for energy to keep going.  I guess 8 lbs over 3 months isn't that bad (The 8 lbs is bad, the length of time it took to gain it doesn't seem that horrendous), but its got to go.

The hard part is going to be disciplining myself to stay up and workout at 5:30am after hubby leaves for work and not going back to bed.  The bed part has been rather nice.  This last two weeks I started doing isolations to wake up my dancing muscles.  Hope I don't fall over my feet in class Wednesday.

We have fallen off our cooking routine as well and gotten back to high fat, high carb meals.  Back to meal planning.  Bye-bye butter and cheese.