November 22nd, 2010

Update and Stuff

Didn't add anything new this weekend, just edited a bit.  I wound up not cutting as much as I thought I was going to.  Looks like I only lost about 500 words, not too bad.

We spent Sunday at the archery range.  Hubby was sighting in his bow for hunting and I was teaching Matthew (age 7) to shoot.  Playing about with Matthew's bow really made me want to start shooting again.  I was hitting the bulls eye about half of my shots.  Pretty good for not shooting since high school which was much longer ago than I like to remember. ;)

Back on more meds.  The fungal infection in my sinuses is still hanging on.  The magic mushrooms in my nose are still playing merry havoc with my head.

I have updated the slider bar with my new projected word count.  I'm not feeling near as accomplished as when the projected word count was 20,000.  But, hey.  I guess 5,000 words a week isn't too bad.

7,206 / 50,000

Winter Write-a-Thon or WWAT

Signal Boost from naomi_jay 

It has been brought to my attention that Anti-Nano is going well, and that some of you are enjoying it. Me too! I'm loving reading everyone's excerpts, and seeing everyone's progress, not to mention the warm glow of satisfaction I get from running a cult. So, shall we keep it going?

[info]out_totheblack has suggested we run Anti-Nano past the end of November and turn it into a Winter-Write-A-Thon (or WWAT, which seems appropriate). I am totally up for this - I'm getting loads of work done this month and would love to keep that momentum going, and nothing motivates me as much as other writers getting stuff done too. So how about it? I suggest we keep going until either the end of December or the end of January. I know December gets to be busy what with holidays and Christmas and families and all that pesky stuff, so having January there to pick up the pace again suits me.

Let me know what you all think - and if you're not Anti-Nano-ing but you are jealous of how awesome we all are, feel free to join the WWAT!

WWAT Community

[info]wwathon  is live! Whether or not you're currently doing Anti-Nano, you're welcome to sign on for the Winter-Write-a-Thon and write through to January 31st 2011. The principles of Anti-Nano continue: set your own goal, check-in Mondays and Fridays, excerpts on Wednesdays (if that pattern continues to suit everyone?)