November 19th, 2010

The Friday Happy

I have two cool books calling my name trying to entice me.  One by Neil Gaiman, the other by our very own Bogwitch.

I count my experiment with the 3 Act Story Structure a success.

I'm cranking out about 1k a day on Red Moon.

Hopefully going to hang out with a friend on Saturday that I haven't been able to see in a while.

I haz a job

Anti-Nano Wordage Update

I'm getting out about 1k a day on Red Moon.  I wish it were more.  I wish I could write faster. Unfortunately, I'll soon be cutting about 1k out.  I guess that makes net zero on the day that I cut :(

I'm up to 7,733 words.  Wow, that is a very interesting number.

I finally finished the scene I wanted to be done with on Wednesday, so I guess I can post it next Wednesday.  Yay!

This story was supposed to be short, only 20,000 words.  I wanted it easy to go over and learn from.  I'm up to almost half that number and I'm not even done with the first part of Act I.  LOL, I guess the story had other ideas of what length it needed to be.  What happened to my short simple story of: Boy gets cursed.  Boy runs for life.  Boy validates himself.  NOOOO, it's got to be more than that ;)

So my new estimation on word count is probably going to be 60,000, but I'm going to call it 50,000.

Here is my nice almost done word count meter.  The next time I post, it won't look so full.
Life is good.

7,733 / 20,000