November 17th, 2010

Anti-Nano Snippet - Asaro's Story

For those of you coming in late, Anti-Nano isn't against NaNo. It's for those of us that want to participate, but know we can't make the 50,000.  I hadn't realized there were a lot of folks diss'n NaNoWriMo until recently.  I personally think NaNo is a wonderful thing.

So far, I've been averaging about 1000 words a day.  I wanted to post something of what I'm working on, but right now nothing is fit for public consumption.  I was really hoping a particular scene would be finished, but my eyes gave out before I could complete it.  Maybe next week you can read it.

What I'm posting is from another story in the same world.  I had this really wild idea for a short series - four books set in this world.  Red Moon is Ben's story.  White Moon would be Rendy's story and bring in Asaro (part of the snippet).  Blue Moon would be Tularian and the Nef (this is mostly written and would bring the other characters together) and Black Moon would tie it all together when all the peoples of this world need to unite to fend off the Big Bads that are coming back.

Sort of ambitious.  Right now, I'm just focusing on finishing Red Moon.

That being said, here is my snippet. 

Only one moon was up tonight.  Rella, full and blue, like a sun in the dark sky.  Sidle flung opened the large wooden trunk at the end of his bed and started throwing heavy clothing out.  Jaek dropped the blanket and unlaced the fur coat he had never taken off.  He took off his clothes and started to redress from the mess on the floor.  Sidle handed him a role of cotton batting to wrap around his joints. 

Jaek shook his head, “That will bind too much, I need to be able to move fast.  He pulling on silk underclothes to wick away moisture and provide the first layer of insulation.  Over that went thick woolen, long-sleeved shirt and pants.  A loose over-shirt of fine leather lined with fur and pants of the same went next.  He put on silk socks then two sets of woolen and  stamped his feet into knee-high, fur-lined boots.  For all of the bulkiness of the layers, the looseness and suppleness of the materials didn’t restrict movement too much. 

Sidle handed him heavy gloves lined with fur.

Jaek shook his head again. “I can’t use my bow with those.”

“You can’t go without either, you’ll get frost bite.”

Jaek hesitated, “Give me the silk liners and a pair of riding gloves.  That will have to be enough.”

“Let’s hope so or it will be very hard to shoot minus your fingers. 

Jaek pulled a large hunting knife out of its sheath and tested the edge.  He looked grim as he re-sheathed the blade and strapped it around his waist, then refilled his quiver. 

Sidle put his had on Jaek’s arm.  “What will you do if you find her?”

Jaek hesitated, “I don’t know.  I don’t know how I feel about all this . . . finding out she’s not human.  I feel like it’s my fault, that if I had gotten there faster, everything would still be the same, she would still be our Ro.”

            “She still is our Ro, Jaek.”           
            "No.  Sidle.  She's not.  She's Nef and that changes everything."

I apologize. This is still pretty rough.