November 11th, 2010

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Damn.  My shortish story just got longer.  Unfortunately, I figured out that the stopping point for my story might not be the stopping point and my midpoint reversal might not be that either, but my only other option for a midpoint reversal, as I understand it, is too far along in the story to be such. So, I'm not sure what to do with that. 

I corrilated everything on my story board with what I've been writing for the last two day.  The storyboard really helped me "see" everything.  My midpoint reversal should be right, but everything sort of shifted over to the left.  Most of Act III is really ACT II, Part II. 

I know all this structure stuff is supposed to be guidelines, so I'm not getting too stressed out about it, but I would like to understand how it all fits together and be able to pick out the different elements.

Today, I roughed out two more chapters, almost another 2000 words.  I know that doesn't sound like a lot for a chapter, but this was supposed to be short, only about 20,000 words.  My expectation was that when I went back and fluff up the chapters and convert them from Mandanese into Book, each chapter would at least double in size, if not more.  I had originally planned on 10 chapters at about 2000 words each.  Now I'm not real sure how it is going to wind up.

Eh.  I'm having fun.

Does anyone else use the 3 Act Story Structure?  I've been trying to follow what Alexandra Sokoloff has on her blog.