September 24th, 2010

Snoopy Dance

Happy Friday

Man it's been a long an tiring week.  But, yay, it's Friday!

Let's see:
I'm going camping this weekend.  We leave tonight.  Looks like hubby is staying home, so it will be just me, Kate, and short-round (Matthew).  It is at a pagan campground.  They like bellydancers there, so a bunch of us are going out to teach a class and chill.

We are mostly packed.  I'm getting off early today to hit the store.  Go, go, power packers.

I'm almost finished with this scene I've been working on and shortly there after the chapter will be done.  Yay!

Um, what else...making costumes for 13th Gate :)

And best, yet, IT'S FALLish.  Well, officially supposed to be getting cooler.

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This weekend I'm being adventurous.  Get your mind out of the gutter (you know who you are).

I am enamored of a piece of music, so  am attempting a candle dance to it at the campground.  The music is the first part of this sword video I posted a while back.

I'll let you know how it goes.  I've been working with tea lights weighted with quarters taped to the bottom.  I'm not sure if they will stay lit or not.  Luckily, we are performing for our own amusement.  We have to entertain ourselves some how.