August 5th, 2010

Off to Battle...Again

Thank goodness I have vacation time and I took some.  I thought to have a nice quiet couple of day, get some writing done, maybe treat myself to a couple of things.

But, no . . . I've been doing battle with financial aid at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  Two weeks ago, I realized that there was a problem with Ariel's financial aid for school.  I've been trying to deal with it on the phone to little success.  Yesterday, my first day off, Ariel and I went to ULL to try and clear things up in person and hopefully see her dorm room.

We didn't clear things up because I didn't get to see them.  The line was horrendious.  I decided to come back to Baton Rouge and go back to ULL first thing this morning to get at the front of the line.  I spent most of the ride home on the phone with financial aid, again.  Come to find out, that all the paper work I sent in for Ariel in June, they have record of receiving, but have now lost.  Gee, thanks for telling me.

Now we are caught two weeks from the start of school trying to get loans.  We can get an academic deferment, but we can't get a deferment for housing.  Which means we need to come out with about $3,000 NOW.  Yay, nothing like pressure and creative financing.  We'll have to rob Peter to pay Paul.

On to my second day of vacation*

*I'm tempted to wear my LSU t-shirt to ULL just to be ornery, but then financial aid might not be nice to me.