July 9th, 2010

Friday Five

The first thing on my list for my Friday Happy is a picture posted by my friend Suzie Ridler.  It is spectacular and I've put it as the back drop on my monitors at work (I have 2 side to side). Now I have a desk side ocean view.


My next happy is I finally feel like my dance is all coming together. I've really been pushing myself.  I'm feeling more confidant.  This past Saturday, I did an improv to Hadouni, Hadouni by George Abdo for some friends.  They thought it was wonderful.  I'm not so sure.

We have a performance at a big art exhibit/street party on July 16th.  Woot!  My second public performance with the beginning troupe.  I'll try not to fall over ;)  The next day is the costuming workshop.  Then on July 31, we are having a hafla. After July 16, I will have a brain again and will be able to do other things than practice.

Started working on a short story.

Well, that's around five anyway.