June 28th, 2010

Jammin' June - Monday Check In, On the Topic of Clothes

Greetings All,

June is almost over and I have not gotten any writing done this month.  Oh well, hopefully July will be better.  How has your writing gone this month?

I watched Avatar last night.  I guess I'm one of the few people left to see it.  The CGI was wonderful. I knew the main reason folks liked it was for the special effects and not the plot.  I really wished I could have seen it on the big screen. I so want those glow in the dark spots.

I'd heard the plot was predictable and old, nothing new.  Maybe so, but it was still different.  The difference was the clothes.  Not the clothes that were worn, which were minimal, but the clothes the story was dressed up in.  That which made Avatar, Avatar and not Dances With Wolves.

I noticed a couple of months ago, while working on a piece of flash for PodCastle, stories remain the same.  It's how we dress them up that makes them science fiction, fantasy, or a western.

My flash, Cold Beauty, questions how far someone will go to stay young and beautiful, and to what ends for unrequited love.  I dressed it up in fantasy clothes: enchantress, magic, mountains, snow, magic boxes. 

I just as easily could have called it Spare Parts, dressed it up differently and, instead of a construct made of snow, wood, and blood, you have Beauty, a clone.  The hunter becomes a technician in the med lab that creates the clones.  He’s in love with the  beautiful CEO of a megacorp. The only way he can satisfy that love is briefly with her clones - who all wind up dying in the end as he scavenges their parts.  It is the same grim circle replayed over and over again.
The stories are the same only the clothes are different. 

Are there unique plot lines and stories?  Or, is it only a matter of clothes?

The Path

I was poking around on Face Book and this was posted on one of my friends page.  Turns out she wrote.  With her permission, I am reposting it here.

Sometimes you read something and it resonates with the Truth inside you.  This was like a clarion bell in my head.  It spoke to me and where my life is right now.

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.


I walk where my feet take me. Sometimes through the dust. Sometimes through the rain. Sometimes across the past. And sometimes into the heart of pain. It is not a willing journey, but a path of destiny and determination.
I walk when the moon is full and fat on the suffering of men. She winks in defiance and revelry.
I walk surrounded by clouds and troubling mists. Their depths revealed raw, bloody, and entangled.
I walk trampling over the pebbles of life, stubbing my toes on death.
. . . through elves of old and myths shiny and terrifying; my blood timing the sway of my hips. My breath accompanying fear.
I walk on the endless trek amongst space and time and imagination and dreams and . . .
I walk without volition for this is mine . . .
The Path

by NyTyjah Thigpen