June 26th, 2010

Ariel Update

We went to the neurologist on Friday.  Ariel's brain scan is normal.  The MRI was done with contrast to show any scar tissue that might be causing pressure.  All good, but that doesn't explain the seizures.  The doctor said that some people's seizure threshold is lower than others.  Not eating, sleeping, high stress, illness, and drinking are all factors that affect the threshold.  Ariel does all the above.  Since she has been on the topomax, she hasn't had any seizures that I know about and her migraines are better.  I think it is possible that she wouldn't need the topomax if she would eat, sleep, slow down and not drink.  On the other hand, the medication is helping her headaches.  We are going to sit down and talk with her about it. 

One would hope that if she really realized the control she had over her own health, she would make a decision to take better care of herself.  But she is taking being 18 very seriously (ie) Parents know nothing; I can do what I want because I'm 18 which includes partying excessively and not coming home for a week at a time; I don't have to listen to you.  After one big behavior episode, we also explained to her, that because she was 18, she could also move out if she didn't like the house rules.

Seeing the immunologist has been a partial success.  For as much as Ariel has been constantly sick for years with upper and lower respiratory infections, she had no anti-bodies built up to the common bacteria that caused the infections.  The doctor vaccinated her and that seems to have helped.  She has been constantly running the roads since May and all she has to show for it is a persistent cough.  I count that as a win.  The immunologist also expressed to her the importance of eating and sleeping regularly - not so much success in that area (see above paragraph).

Part of me is sad that my baby is going away to college, but the other part can't wait.  Going away for a year made a huge change in Chuck's behavior.  He is home for the summer and it is the difference between night and day.  LOL, we very well may just do a kid exchange: Ariel moving out and Chuck moving back in.  He is certainly much easier to live with now.

So, any parently advice from you folks with older/grown kids?