June 10th, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow...

We planted a vegetable garden this year.  Being creative people, we partook of some creative gardening.  On the old clothes line pole, we planted pole beans on a frame built with bamboo stakes and string.

Along the back of the fence for about 45 feet, we built a trellis for all of the vining plants: watermelon, canalope, and cucumber.

We misremembered squash and zuchinni.  For some reason, we all thought they vined, but it turned out, they bush. There is about 3 feet from the landscape timber to the trellis.  The squash and zuchinni filled it up quite crowding out the bush beans planted in front.

At the far end to the left (not shown) is the tomato jungle.  We planted a bit too close together and didn't get to pinch off the suckers in time.  We have three different kinds of tomatoes, three or four different kinds of peppers, a blood orange, blueberries, and sunflowers.

Here is squash, pole beans, and canalope.  If you look inbetween the squash, you can see a bit of bush bean.  Not shown to the right, are the watermellon plants.

Pole beans on a pole.                                   Squash

One of the things about trellising vining fruit, is the support of the fruit.  Once it reaches a certain size, the vine can't support the weight and will break.  The way to deal with this is to make a sling to hold the fruit.  Stockings work really well.  Kate was kind enough to donate a pair of her's.

Since the bush beans have been crowded out, and we also forgot how many plants it takes to supply a good mess of beans, we will be replanting in another area.  

The tomatos are staked and tied up, but we need to do a bit more staking and tying to get the low fruit off the ground. The slugs and catapillars are eating them. We will cut back the suckers, big as they are, and plant them for a fall crop. 

The produce from the garden has been wonderful.  The zuchinni are ginormous, like 2 foot long and 6 inches around.  We have lots of serano peppers producing and bell peppers as well.  Oh, and I forgot the eggplant.  It's planted in the tomato jungle.  I've been quite impressed with everything so far.