June 1st, 2010

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In the immortal words of Gandalf, "Wherever I have been, I am back."

The trip to Kentucky was wonderful.  It was a beautiful drive and Louisville is awesome.  I'd be real okay with living there. 

I got a lot done on plotting out the new version of the novel.  My daughter is being a wonderful example of a 17/18 year old girl.  She is supplying me with many examples for Asaro and teenage angst.  I think it was a really good idea to combine these two book ideas into one. 

Not really sure what my writing goal for the week is.  I'm thinking I'm going to continue plotting and do a rough sketch of the next book.  The other possibility is to sit down and get some actual writing, writing, done.  I'm really leaning toward finishing the new book outline.  There are now new bits and pieces I have to work in.

How was everyone's weekend?