May 25th, 2010

50000 of smut

Plot and Story

As a newbie writer, there is a lot that I am still learning: the differences between passive voice and active voice, plot and story, show vs. tell, and when is it okay to bend the “rules.” Some of these merely required them being pointed out, others I struggle with. 

One of the things I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around is plot and story. What is my story? That’s the question I’ve been trying to figure out. What is the plot? The other question. But first, I had to understand the difference between them and that there was a difference. (Okay, yeah, like I said, newbie.)

What is my story?
Old: Well, there’s this anti-hero guy that winds up having to save the world because it works out to his best advantage. But to do that, he has to get different kingdoms and races to work together. Then there is this girl that the anti-hero finds that winds up being the key to it all. Oh, and yeah, nobody believes him that trouble is coming.

New: This story examines nurture vs. nature. Are we the sum of our parts? Or, are we more or less? In the story, on the character level, Asaro is conflicted by her Nef heritage, the prejudice she is confronted with everyday because of it and her self-doubt (Nurture vs. nature, which will win out?). For Tularean, his nature and nurture are the same, but is that all he is or is he more?

In the larger picture, there are Nef and Faren, two sides of the same coin. Can they overcome their animosity and work together? The Nef have created for themselves a racial identity based off legends of their forefathers, an image they hold to. But when confronted with their living ancestors, the Nef have to figure out who they are and where their loyalties lie.

Can a world divided by war unite or will it fall? 

The plot, how I make my story happen? In progress. Bits keep changing :)