May 24th, 2010

May Pole

Mayday May Day - Monday Check In

Wow!  Is it Monday, really?  In one part of my brain, I knew it was a week day because, well, I'm at work.  And on some level, I knew it was Monday, but wow - it's Monday?  Where did the day go?

I've been super busy with work.  In between work, I've been stalking Nathan Bransford's blog all morning; it's Page Critic Monday.  I really felt like I was calling in to a radio show - And we will take caller number 5!  *Le Sigh*  I looked away for 10 minutes to deal with a student . . . Maybe next Monday I'll make first post and get the page critic.

On the writing front, I finally got butt-in-chair and wrote a little before I had to leave this morning.  I hoped, even though I knew better, that it would be slow enough at work to get some writing done, but no such luck.  Tonight I will be busy scribbling away, though.

Writing, writing, writing,
Keep those fingers writing.
Writing, writing, writing,
(Sung to Raw Hide)

How was everyone's weekend?  Have you been meeting your writing goals for May?  What is your goal for the week?

My goal is to finish these two blasted chapters I've been pussy-footing around with before I leave for Kentucky Thursday night.
(I'll be happy if I finish one.  The netbook will be snuck in my purse for the trip, because, ya know, I'm compulsive like that.)