May 22nd, 2010

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Barely awake, but I don't know when I'll really be stopping this weekend. Well, it's over. My baby girl is graduating high school. We had honors convocation last night. All the girls were beautiful and I don't want to think how much some of those parents spent on dresses.

Today, is Ariel's graduation/birthday party. I'm up and rolling early this morning because I have so much to do before I get to my mother's at 9:30am. Including I realized last night, actually being dressed for a party, not just showing up in shorts and a t-shirt :(

Sunday is the actual day of Ariel's graduation and her 18th birthday. On Monday, she and her BFF head out to Florida for 5 days. I'm very glad they are staying with a cousin of mine and not in a hotel. They'll probably get in less trouble that way. Robert Micheal did inform me, though, that if they wound up in jail, I had to come and get them out, LOL.

Didn't get any writing done this week, just thinking. I have lots of great stuff in my head really wanting to come out and new notes that I need to write. Every time I made plans to sit down to write, something happened, usually an emotional roller coaster because I've had PMS from hell and can't make myself do anything except not cry and not kill someone. All the stuff with Ariel just added to it. Yeah, I know excuses, excuses.

Next week is going to be a short week because we are leaving to go to Kentucky Thursday night. There is so much to do before then. At work, I am transitioning to a new database (which is outdated, and will again be moving my database in a couple of months) and redesigning our web page with a programmer so students can apply, pay, and register on-line in their home countries. That programmer doesn't stop. She makes my brain hurt. And just to make it fun, the web page populates my databases, so everything has to match up. I'm learning a lot of html.

I have test returning students coming in next week to help test it out.

In the midst of leaving, coming, back and getting ready for registration on June 7, I am having to coordinate arrival and pick up for more students than usual, as well as finding people places to live, more than usual. I have a dry erase board for pick-ups and who goes where. I have to leave Alfredo in charge of running pick-up one day that I will be gone. Last time I did that he forgot to go to the airport. I need to find one of my Arabic students to see if he can check in on a new arrival (coming in while I'm gone) and take him shopping for stuff for his dorm room. I'm almost ready to cancel my trip because I don't want to leave with all this going on. Alfredo will be wrangling my Spanish speaking students and luckily the guy from Japan seems to have a good handle on English. And hopefully, nothing drastic happens while I'm gone. Everyone will have my cell phone number, but I don't know what I can do I'll be 12 hours away. Why does this busy weekend have to happen while I'm gone?

This started as a simple email to Tracy explaining why I hadn't gotten a lot of writing done this week and wound up an LJ post :)

Good Morning.