May 17th, 2010

May Pole

Mayday May Day - Monday Check In

How is everyone doing this fine summer(?) day?  We are already hitting 90F, so I'm calling us summer even though I think this is still officially spring.

Yay!  We finally got some rain.  We are 12 inches behind for the year.  Not good; I'd hate to see another drought, but probably a good thing for our coast with the oil spill.

I don't usually post pieces of my writing on the internet.  For me, it's kind of like wearing your underwear in public.  Kudos to you if your ballsy enough, but you better not have holes in them if you embarrass easy.  I'm also of the opinion that if you don't put it out there, you don't learn nuthin.

So, in the interest of learning, I was Janice Hardy's first volunteer for her Real Life Diagnostics.  She gave me some awesome feedback and showed me how to look at things (hopefully) to overcome my problem of Show vs. Tell.

Now, if I can only replicate her sage advice...