May 5th, 2010

Escape Artist - PodCastle, Round 1 - 3

Escape Artist's forum has posted three rounds of fantasy flash fiction for PodCastle.

Yay to everyone that entered.  All the enteries are released in batches so they can be voted on.  As they accrue votes, the flash moves up in the ranks.  The winner gets their story released as a pod cast.

Go and check it out. Sign into the forum to read and vote.
You do not have to have a story submitted to do so.

I will have two stories coming out sometime during the month.  See if you can figure out which they are :)


I think I'm finally settling into a writing routine.  What is working best is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights.  Those are the evenings that hubby's friend comes over to the house for hubby to work him out, then they sit and talk till 11pm.

That gives me Tuesday and Thursday to hang out with the fam and not feel guilty about not writing.

Now, if I can only get back on a consistant workout schedule.  My best time to exercise is 5:30am right after hubby leaves for work. Unfortunately, I've gotten back into the habit of going back to sleep until I have to get up for work.  I just need to get disciplined again *le sigh*. 

The other draw back is I really hate working out by myself. For a short time, I had a friend coming to workout with me in the mornings, but then she joined a gym close to her house which left me again partnerless  :(  I even posted an open invite on FB.  Amazingly enough, people don't like to get up at 5:30 in the morning to exercise, lol.  Yeah, I don't either but I like a fat ass even less.

And speaking of fat, I've gained 14 pounds back of the 25 I lost last year.  Yay for stress and bad eating habits!

Time to get back on the ball or at least the bike :) 

It's all a matter of routines.