April 23rd, 2010

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At the neurologist yesterday, the doctor said Ariel's increased headaches/maigraines were from the recent head injury in January.

The grey out/black outs were seizures from her old head injury when she was 10.  These seizures are something that manifest over time because of scar tissue at the injury site on her brain.

The doctor put her on topomax twice a day.  One of the side effects of topomax is decreased appetite.  Great, she already weighs 98 pounds, granted she is only 5' and built small, but she really can't afford to loose anymore weight.  I got up early to make her a protien smoothy, if I can get her to eat it.

We have an MRI with contrast scheduled.  The contrast dye will allow them to see the scar tissue better.  My concern, is the seizures have increased drastically over the last couple of months, along with the headaches.  I really think the recent injury is effecting them too.  If so, I hope the MRI shows some correlation.  The head trauma from January is in almost the same spot as the original one.

That's all for now.

Woot! I'll be reviewing DARK FAITH


Cover art by Alina Pete
by Jason Sizemore

Naturally, Apex has sent out review copies to a large number of review sites and magazines for both books. But I’d like to give our readers an opportunity to get a copy of these books for just offering a review.

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