April 21st, 2010


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Got Ariel in with a doctor we used to see in the past.  She gave her a shot of toradal and 5 days worth of prednisone to help shrink the swelling in the brain.  She didn't want to prescribe her a migraine medicine because we have an appointment with the neurologist on Friday and the GP didn't know what the neurologist might want to do.  I did find out the the neurologist is a headache specialist, so that's really good news.  I was just going off of a referrel because our old neuro retired.

In sadder news, I put Polgara (P) to sleep yesterday.  She was an old kitty.  P had bone cancer in her jaw.  She started having trouble eating and grooming.  She'd started loosing weight.  It was time.  She was always a little thing, never weighing more than 5.5 pounds.  I got her when she was 5 weeks old, way to young to be seperated from her mother.  The lady lied about how old she was.  She used to hide in my hair all the time and sleep there if she could, until we got The Dog, lol.  It was hard to get her to sleep in the bedroom after that.  She didn't want to sleep where The Dog was.

She definately had cattitude and was a cat only a mother could love.  She didn't like anyone except me until she got old, then she just used people for their warmth.  P was onery until the end.  I loved her very much.  She'll be missed.  We buried her in the back yard next to the garden.  I wanted to bury her next to her old buddy Sammy, but we planted an orange tree there.

Ariel's parting words, said with much love were, "Well, she was a cranky bitch" :)