April 19th, 2010

Fools of April Check In

Howdy Folks,

How is everyone doing today?  I'm home with a sick child and an opportunity to write.  I'm finding that I can't get going on my WIP.  I realized that it is fear of failure.  I've been side tracking myself on other little writing projects, but am staying away, nay, not even letting myself get started on the big one.

What is this fear of failure?  Is the size of a novel too big?  Do I need to break things down into smaller chunks? I can call this section a short story and go from there.  Not quite so nerve wracking and the smaller size does make me feel a bit better.

I have this work avoidance issue.  I can give myself all the pep-talks in the world, but I still avoid sitting down to work.  See, I'm writing this now even though I have my WIP open in another screen.  How in the world did I ever finish NaNo?