April 16th, 2010

Friday Five

The Friday Five seems like a good positive thing to do, so I'm jumping on the Friday Five Positivity Train (it's been a looong day)

1.  Our garden is mostly planted and doing well.  It'd be really cool if I could have bees.  I might want to study up on that first, though.  A commune I lived on as a child had bee hives and I used to go out to the apiary with the beekeepers.  When we rendered the honey to sell in town, the bees would swarm on the screened windows of the kitchen.  I ate so much honey I hated it for the longest time.

2.  Dropbox, so far, is awesome.

3.  Writing has been productive this week, I wrote a splendiferous piece of flash going into the PodCastle contest, though I have not accrued a large word count.  I'm in a much better place with it and can jump back on my WIP. 

4. Um...running out of things...IT'S Friday!

5.  Tomorrow is Saturday