April 9th, 2010

PodCastle and Escape Artists Flash Fiction Contests (Yes! Contests, Plural!)

Spred the word.  The more, the merrier.

PodCastle and Escape Artists Flash Fiction Contests (Yes! Contests, Plural!)

If you want to vote and comment you have to join the forum. I am entering a piece in PodCastle.  I can't tell you the title, it's against the rules, but sign up and join the fun. 

Here are the General Rules from their site. 

  • Stories will be posted anonymously, with the identity of the author revealed only after a story is knocked out or wins the competition. Any real attempt to identify authors prior to the story losing or winning shall be deleted. While we cannot stop authors from trying to rally support from third party sites (blogs, livejournal, twitter, etc.), we discourage it and ask that they just point to the contest in general. We reserve the right to take action against stories where support is clearly being rallied. This contest is to be won on the merits of the relative stories, not on the fact that Tim Pratt wrote it.
  • Each podcast-specific contest will be run by the editors and moderators of said podcast, along with any others that they dutifully and publicly appoint as deputies. Those involved in the running of a contest shall not submit to that contest, but may submit to contests being run by others. Should one of their stories be part of a tie, they will automatically lose.
  • We encourage constructive discussion about the stories posted in this contest — it's good for the community, and helpful to the authors, especially new ones.
  • Normal forum rules remain in place.  Please keep your commentary honest but constructive.  "I didn't like this story at all; the characters were flat and nothing really happened" is a fair comment.  "This story was a piece of crap; I had to fumigate my computer to get the stink out" is just a flame and will be deleted.  Don't be insulting, and please attempt to explain why you liked or didn't like a story. If you can't, it may be better to not comment at all.
  • Creating multiple accounts to vote for a story will get you banned from the forums.