April 5th, 2010

Pimpin' Ain't Easy...

...But FAWG is.

Since I have so many new writer friends these days, I'm not sure who has hear of FAWG (Find a Writing Group) and Write Around the World, so I'm spreading the word a bit.

FAWG and Write Around the World
Welcome to FAWG, the LJ coffee house/community located in the foyer of FindAWritingGroup.com.

The main site has it's own blog, Write Around the World, where you'll find regular links lists to useful posts about writing and (starting later in the year) guest posts from writers, agents and editors, but this community is where you can relax, and get to know other writers from around the world.

I chose LJ because the comment format makes it easier to follow conversational threads.

All are welcome. Members can post entries but please, only make writing-related posts or comments, and no swearing - delicate flowers like myself get easily embarrassed.

It's okay to pimp your latest success, or your own blog posts (in fact, I encourage it, so long as it's writing-related), but bear in mind that, from a self-promotional point of view, you'll get more interest if you actually make an effort to engage with other members by commenting on other posts.

Fools of April Check In

Good Morning all you April writers.  How was your weekend?  Did you meet your goals?

I didn't quite meet mine, but I did get some writing done.  I was shooting for a minimum of 800 words a day.  I think I accomplished 800 total.  Not much, but still something. 

We went to a party Saturday night, but before we left the house, I snuck my netbook in my purse to bring along in case I got bored (Is that dedication or what?).  An old friend was there that I hadn't seen in a while.  And, since we both write, we wound up shutting ourselves in a room and talking writing :)

I showed her what I was working on; she told me something about what she had started and the trouble she was having.  It occurred to me then, that we had the beginnings of a little wring group between the two of us.  This is a college town in a fairly large city. You would think there would be writing groups here, but there is nothing.

My fingers are crossed that I can convince her to get together once a week or so. The biggest problem I can see to us getting together is the time factor: she is a PhD candidate in literature, and therefore, does not have a lot of free time :(

Let's hear it for writing!  What did you guys accomplish this weekend?  Just out of curiosity, how many of you participate in writing groups of some sort?