April 2nd, 2010

50000 of smut

Fools of April

If you want to play along, and March Madness was fun, go for your first check in and post your goals for April on her LJ.  Friday check in is at Denise's LJ (see below).

 My LJ will be the check in for Tuesday and I think someone else is hosting for another day as well.  When I know that day and link, I will post it. 

My goal is to write 800 - 1000 words a day. My adventurous goal is 30,000 words for April. Which means I better get busy for today. I DID write 800 yesterday, April 1.

Copied from Denise Jaden's LJ (cuz I r lazy n haz worked in yard all day an moved much dirt!)

Welcome to the continuation of March Madness Writing Challenge!

This is your first check-in.

Amanda at
http://out-totheblack.livejournal.com/ has offered her blog as a check-in on Tuesdays, to keep the momentum going. And of course don't forget to keep in touch on Twitter at #yafrenzy.

As for me, I'm spending the next few days reading through my March work, reorganizing the chapter breaks and such, as well as tabulating the names for the March Madness prizes.

What about you? Who's signing on to be a Fool of April, and what is your goal for this month?