March 26th, 2010

Holy Crapoli, Batman...

And not in a good way.

bogwitch64 's posting of her word count, got me curious on what my total was for March.  I've been playing around with the March Madness folks and getting a lot of work done.

Somehow, I've deleted the second chapter that I started of my new beginning. A couple of day ago, I thought I had lost the first chapter, but I found it.  The other day, I started working on the netbook again and noticed a large amount deleted in the track changes side bar.  I'd been revising and thought it was that and blew it off without really looking at it.  OMG.  And because I was worried about loosing stuff, I made a backup...after, apparently, I deleted the chapter.  OMG.

Okay, try not to panic, try not to panic.
I was going to revise it anyway...
There were things I wanted to change in the second after I started the first...
It's not a total loss...


I really wanted concrete stuff to show for this month. 

I did A LOT of research that needed to be done after I realized that I needed to start in another place.
I wrote a whole backstory that could actually be a short story with some work.

I can start The New Chaper Two off better, right...OMG.

I can't belive I did that.  If you only new how careful I am about back-ups because I've learned the hard way.  I can't belive I did that.

It's that blasted touch pad on the netbook that is so darn sensitive.  I've had trouble with it before.  I don't have problems with it when I use a mouse.

Ramblings on a Friday afternoon

Well, it's almost 4 and I  can leave shortly.  I'm in sort of a rambly mood.  In honor of loosing a chapter to the Delete Button of Doom, we are having unhealthy supper - Frito Pie which consists of fritos, chili, tamales, and cheese.  Next, maybe I will burn things in the fire pit.  Part of me wants to jump right back in my story and continue on.  The other part of me is still going WTF.  I guess it's better than half a book.

Don't know what is quite going on this weekend.  I might have the house to myself for a bit, enough time to get some dancing in.  I haven't danced in a while.  I had to make monetary decisions this month so dance class got dropped.  I should be able to pick it up again in May, hopefully.  I did get my first official invitation to dance in public at a coffee shop.  There was something going on with lots of festivities.  LOL, I declined.  I told them I didn't think I was coffee shop material just yet.  I don't mind a little private embarrassment dancing at friend's houses, not so much into public embarrassment :)

Hubby is going fishing on the coast for much of next week.  His much needed vacation.  I expect this weekend will be spent getting his boat and all his gear in order.  There is plenty of yard work to be caught up on.  We've made a dent the last two weekends, but Oh My.  I still have the front garden to finish cleaning up, the rose to finish cutting back, the hedge to cut, and gladiolas to plant.  And that's just the front yard.  I made the mistake of telling someone I was going to give them a cutting from my Seven Sisters rose and I haven't heard the end of it, so that needs to get done.

If it rains, we will wind up working on the bathroom remodel.  Yay!  I can't believe we only started it in January.  It seems like six months. 

Ariel is graduating from High School in May.  She has been accepted to a university in Lafayette and I have a lot of money going out to them already.  Let's not forget the new dress she needs for graduation.  And her 18th birthday on the same day as she graduates from High School.

So, that is my boring life ramble.  Totally uninteresting, I'm sure.  See you in the dream time.