March 19th, 2010

The Scroll Thief

What do The Scroll Thief and quicksand have in common? You stand a chance of escaping from quicksand. rflong’s The Scroll Thief sucks you in quietly and slowly until BAM! You find yourself mired in an exquisite story where the only chance you have of extricating yourself is to put the book down…only you can’t… it’s just that good.


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On jimhines' lj, he made a post about strong women characters, the lack of them, and how hard it was to write good ones. What makes up a strong female character? “They have strengths and flaws both.  They have their own goals — which don’t all revolve around a guy — as well as their own fears. They love and hate and yearn and regret,” which completely sums up the ladies of TST. 

I found The Scroll Thief a story of steadily increasing complexity, depth, and surprise characters. RFL shows you the right hand while the left hand is whacking you with something unexpected. In the beginning, a plot device is introduced then over-shadowed until, at the end, it is brought back with an unexpected revelation – the whole of it deliciously evil.

 Ruth has shown herself a talented author with the ability to weave an intricate story that leaves you wanting more.