February 28th, 2010

Snoopy Dance

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I am so full and happy.  I had a wonderful day on my birthday.  John and Kate cooked for me and my parents came over for dinner.  It was first time food.  John made 2 paellas: a chicken and prosciutte one that was totally awesome and a seafood one with shrimp, crawfish, squid, fish, and scallops.  Yum!  I liked the chicken one best.

Kate was supposed to make the cake: chocolate truffle cake, but she was having trouble with her fibro, so she supervised John.  Another first for him; he's never baked anything in his life.  We think the book had a misprint.  The cake was supposed to be a sponge cake that was light and air.  It came out very dense, more like a heavy tourte and didn't rise.  We thought we had done it wrong (the egg whites had fallen a bit while the chocolate was being made and the egg yolks weren't beaten enough), so we made another one.  This one mixed easier.  It rose, but while it cooled, it fell too :(  It turned out just like the first one.  The recipe called for 1 1 /3c of ground almonds and 1/3c of flour.  We think it was supposed to be reversed.  Anyway John (and Kate) made the ganache which turned out wonderful.  We turned the 2 cake into layers with ganache inbetween and acting as icing, and trouffles rolled in semi-sweet chocolate powerd.

John and Kate didn't want me to do anything today, but I managed to worm my way around that a bit.  I can't not do anything.  We had a wonderful day and ate a lot of food.