February 23rd, 2010

Writerly Stuff (sort of)

On someones LJ, the question was asked, what do you do at work when you're bored.  Mostly I mess around on LJ.  I'd really like to take the oportunity to write (hey, I'm at a computer with nothing to do), but since my department moved my office to a more public area and I'm now required to interact with co-workers, that's a little hard for me to do. 

When I write, I don't stay grounded here.  Writing's a little hard when I have to also pretend I'm doing something else, like, I don't know, um... working.  In my other office, one floor up, at the end of the hall of a department I didn't work for, I could do pretty much anything I wanted.  Like, um...write.

I've been rewriting my WIP.  As a new writer, rewriting my first really big endevor, the experience has been interesting:
  • I didn't expect it to change so much as I rewrote it
  • I didn't expect to go, "Oh, crap.  Now how do I connect those dots" 
  • Or, "Gee, I hate to loose that much writing, how can I possibly make it work?"  Only to find out I can't make it work and it really has to go 
  • Or, "Oh, crap.  I have to compeletly rewrite the beginning and the MC is not the MC I started the book with, but a different character all together."  Um...how did the story get to be about him and not her :::scratches head:::
  • I didn't expect to have to put so much background down on paper.  I thought I could let it float around in my head.  And as I put it down on paper, it's changing too because I'm finding logic that doesn't work or ideas that weren't well thought out.  "Just because" will only get you so far
  • I actually had to go back to my source material.  Which I had to find and d/l off the internet because my lap-top is on the edge of death
Many of you have heared me say that I'm hardwired in gaming: that's where my creative process really gets rolling.  I supposed everyone has the way that works for them, how they tap into their muse.  Apparently, my muse has to have some gaming structure to work around, to explain "how things work" and "why that is."  When I first started creating this world and the character races, I was stuck.  I couldn't get my head to work.  I had to put everything in a box I was used to working in.  Yeah, yeah, my crutch comes with a 6 sided.

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