February 10th, 2010

Storybook Update

I have mixed feelings about storybook so far.

On the ADD front, it is a tremendous help with organization and putting thoughts together.  I've always had trouble outlining stories before and this does make it easier by breaking things down into chunks.  It helps you track characters, locations, and dates.  It's pretty cool.

And this is a big one for me, it isn't transportable.  I can't work on one computer, save my work, then go to another computer.  I need to be transportable.  Right now, I have everything on a flash drive that I am working on.  I have gone to the place where the files are saved, copied them to my flash, then put the files where they need to be on the new computer, but the new computer won't read the data.  It will see that the file "Splintered Kingdoms" is there, but won't show any of the outlining.  Supposedly, there is a way to back up the files and import and export, and possibly that is the way I should go, but I haven't explored that yet.  To me, directly moving the data files should work, but no.

Also, the tutorial could be better.  It is not a hard program to use and pretty straight forward, but I'm still unsure what different things are supposed to be for like "Part."  "Chapter" and "Scene," I got.  Not sure what to do with "Part."  Is it part of a chapter or a scene or both?

All in all, I like it so far.  The non transportability will be inconvenient and I'm sure I'll eventually figure out "part" or just do without it.

I give it 1 Thumbs Up.