January 27th, 2010

Poi in the Park (Or, watch Amanda smack herself in the head with things)

So, I went and played with the fire dancers in the in the park last night using hoops and poi.   A hoop is like the hoola-hoop you probably played with as a child, but industrial strength.  They are made out of irrigation PVC of verying widths.  Larger, heavier hoops are good for learning and smaller, lighter hoops are good for tricks.  

They didn't practice with any fire :( but they did have some LED hoops that were really cool, plain hoops, and their fire hoops.  The fire hoops have holes for spokes which are lit in some manner.  Sorry, I didn't ask for that part of the explanation.  Just that There Would Be Fire was enough for me. 

Let me tell you I had to unlearn the hoola hooping I learned/forgotten as a child!  This is hooping using belly dance to move the hoop up and down the body.  By the end of practice, I had re-learned to keep a hoop going could walk forward and backwards with it, and could keep it going around my neck.  I could hand-twirl it around my body in different ways and alternate my hands out.  By the end of practice, I also felt like I had been training for a marathon!  Wow, talk about a work out!  My back was definately feeling it this morning :)

LOL, I couldn't quiet get the hang of using belly dance moves to move the hoop or get the hang of hooping around my chest.  You bring the hoop up your body, then do this scoop maneuver with your chest to get it over the boobage.  I just couldn't seem to coordinate that, but hey, it was my first practice. 

I took some pictures.  On the ones that are clear, I used my flash.  The glowy one are no flash and using the LED hoops.  Luckily there aren't any pictures of me smacking myself in the head with the poi or trying to kill myself with the hoop.  Oh, and, just in case your wondering, it's hard to talk with a hoop going around your throat.  It kind of hurts.  LOL

Poi.  These are practice ones.         
Not the fire ones.                                    Katie turning on her LED hoop                                                  

Katie twirling with a foot.  Can you imagine doing this while the hoop is on fire?

                                                        Hoop around the neck.  Girl with
Belly dancing with the hoop.      poi in the background.