December 29th, 2009

Out-take on Jon

Well, Jon had an interesting idea about our favorite blog post, only I took it wrong at first.  I thought he was asking for our favorite blog post EVER for 2009 from anywhere.  Good thing I re-read his entry.

I read a lot of blogs, as I'm sure most of us do: some are writing related, some spiritual related, and some just day-to-day, get-through-the-world sort of stuff.

The one that stuck out for me the most was a post by Mahala Mazerov, a Buddhist teacher, at Luminous Heart.  It was a meditation on suffering, specifically, suffering by desire: when what we want creates more turmoil in our life, than just accepting what is; that sometimes, taking the path of adversity IS the easier, softer, way.

It was so true for me, and made such an impact, that I go back and read it periodically.  I think about it when I start creating my own suffering, and boy am I good at that!  It has become a time-out, reality check for me.

Has anything you've read this year made such an impact, if you feel like sharing?